Royal Blood Library Assistance and Data Consultation

Royal Blood Library Assistance and Data Consultation

Before any initiation of blood sampling, there is a mandatory consultation process of $50 per bloodline per hour. Anyone looking to inquire will get the full gist of their governing responsibility in the matter of inheritance should they find themselves in a position to proclaim by blood right. 

Your property is Moorish-American property and to not take action upon your right to claim your property as such is a dishonor to your mother and father therefore a dishonor to the mother and father of our Nation. We must self govern all parts of our land if we find that we shall be ordained in a position to do so on that level, your nation will help you get there! 

In communications with the above, a verbal agreement is mandatory before proceeding any further [after payment is processed].

Upon payment, please provide a copy of your paypal purchase receipt with transaction number to the following email below: [email protected] 

Our authorized official support team will email you back with further instructions towards booking a physical or verbal consultation in which we will obtain the neutral agreement thereof. 

Request National assistance from an authorized representative.


An email will be sent to an authorized representative upon request.