Mission Statement

Mission Statement

With the power from which we were manifested, our goal is to advance the minds and competency of fallen humanity amongst the nation of North America. 

Our aim is to recondition, rehabilitate, and reconstruct the ex slave post de facto 'persons' of North America back to the human family tree as a recognized people. 

The kings dome is the dominion where the divine ener-gy of high authority compels a kin-g-dome to Moor competently upon the Cee’s of Supreme Consciousness. The information provided within our education system is beyond that of any college university. 

The Royal Moslem Imperial is destined to uplift fallen humanity by uplifting United Asia (the original asiatics of North America), back in connection once again, to the roots that lead to the of Allahs'.


An email will be sent to an authorized representative upon request.