Academic Chamber of Masterful Thought [INDIVIDUAL]

Academic Chamber of Masterful Thought [INDIVIDUAL]

[Three Semester Degrees : 6 Month Semesters]

[Next Semester: Jan. 2021]

Academic Chamber of Masterful Thought is a multi-step process of unprecedented scholarly heights and decrees. Serving as a elevation tool for scholars and scholarly leaders, master teachers provide active class sessions and intelligence briefings. The Chamber is a place of which supreme consciousness may be obtained through a series of world recognized academics, divine natural law, national legislative literature, etc.

As a school of high and unchained thought, we showcase a stable mental ener-gy charging platform. As a by-product our platform awakens the mind to its most evolved state of supreme consciousness. Each session moves to reveal/unveil and teach the power of mastery within the Earths natural elements. The Academic Chamber of Masterful Throught is the vessel in which masterful thought dwells, therefore a catalyst to supreme consciousnes. Here exists only as a place to help reach and obtain a sense of self control through a state of masterful thought.

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